Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Playing with Trailfire-Kids Who Are Making a Difference in the World

I was thrilled do discover a new tool to guide students to various websites. Trailfire.  I enjoyed using the tool in my course and thought I'd explore it as a tool for my own teaching. We are getting ready to start an integrated research unit with 4th graders at our school.  We want them to find things they are interested in and want them to know that kids can make a huge difference in the world.  So, I created a Trailfire on kids who are making a difference. I am hoping to introduce this Trailfire to them during the last week of September. These are certainly not the only kids making a difference and we will also be looking at picture book biographies, news articles, and artists who make a difference.  This will be an intro--an invitation to them to begin to think about the things they are most interested in. I think I have a good variety although I would love to find others.  Let me know what you think.

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